RepKnight is now SKURIO

SKURIO is on a mission to reduce digital risk


Our cloud based solutions take an ‘outside in’ approach to illuminate parts of the web you can’t see on the surface, social, deep and Dark Web. They help you identify threats, detect data breaches outside your network and automate the response; allowing you to mitigate risk and minimise loss.

Our solutions can help you:

Monitor the Dark Web

Search Tor, bin sites, underground forums and IRC chatrooms.

Detect data breaches

Get instantly alerted if your data is posted on the Dark Web.

Respond to incidents

Proactively monitor threat vectors across social and the Dark Web.

Manage your brand

Using keywords monitor posts on your company, brand and products.



  • Simple to use, fully automated system
  • Enhances any data breach detection procedure
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Real-time alerting for instant detection


Cyber Threat

  • End-to-end search and discovery solution
  • Drill down into large amounts of data for common themes
  • Social media, blogs and the Dark Web
  • Create fully customisable reports


Dark Web Monitoring

Search TOR sites, dump sites, IRC channels and data breaches in one secure platform.

Real-time alerts

Be instantly alerted by SMS, email, or Slack, when data is posted on the Dark Web.

Configured in minutes 

Search for keywords, domains, email addresses, or personally identifiable information.

Historical archive 

Search our historic databases, to see if your data has already been leaked, hacked, or stolen.

RepKnight is a privately held UK-based developer of cyber intelligence solutions, with offices in Belfast and London.

Data breaches are a fact of life, no matter how hard you try to prevent them.

And with GDPR, you can’t afford to miss one.

Configure BreachAlert to search for:

  • Compromised credentials
  • Data breaches
  • Supply chain leaks
  • Credit card details
  • Employee details
  • Emails and domains
  • Customer contacts
  • Database watermarks
  • Source code
  • Confidential documents

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