RepKnight is now Skurio

We are on a mission to give every organisation the ability to reveal their spectrum of Digital Risk, so they can take action to mitigate it.


RepKnight is now SKURIO

The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform can help you:

Monitor the Dark Web

Search Tor, marketplace & bin sites, underground forums & IRC chatrooms.

Detect data breaches

Get alerts if your data appears on the Dark Web or elsewhere.

Respond to incidents

Proactively monitor threat vectors across social and the Dark Web.

Manage your brand

Using keywords monitor posts on your company, brand and products.

Configured in minutesĀ 

Search for keywords, domains, email addresses, or personally identifiable information.

Historical archiveĀ 

Search our historic databases, to see if your data has already been leaked, hacked, or stolen.

RepKnight is now Skurio

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