Our cloud-based tools keeps watch ‘outside the firewall’ for company sensitive data being marketed, leaked or sold online.

We provide companies with in-depth, real-time monitoring and alerting of hundreds of millions of social media posts, opens digital channels and Dark Web sources within one secure platform.

Search multiple keywords and phrases to see if your company is mentioned online.

Email addresses
Protect your employee’s data — check to see if their details are on the Dark Web.

Financial information
Check to see if your credit card credentials are for sale on the Dark Web or on bin sites.

Find out instantly by email or SMS if your domain is posted online.

Personal information
Monitor the Dark Web for personal information including your customer databases.

IP addresses
Track whether your IP address ranges are being discussed on the Dark Web.

Data breach detection

Would you know if your data is leaked or hacked and published on the Dark Web?

If your data is posted on the Dark Web our BreachAlert tool will find your data no matter where it is hidden and will instantly alert you via email, SMS, HipChat or Slack.

Be the first to know when your information appears on the Dark Web. Identify the potential source and mitigate any risk in a timely manner.

Insider threat

Threats to organisations ultimately come from people, not networks. A loss of a laptop or an upload of a CSV can all compromise the network.

Monitor, analyse, and be alerted to any mentions of your company, products or brands appearing outside of the firewall on the Dark Web, social media and blogs.

The identification of a data leak from an insider will highlight any internal security failures. An instant assessment can minimise future risk.

Counterfeit goods

It is easy for counterfeit goods to be purchased — they are cheaper and can bear true resemblance. This will effect the legitimate producers revenue and reputation.

Search keywords and phases over a wide array of data sources to identifying potential counterfeit goods.

Our solution provides quick and effective monitoring and analysis of potential counterfeit goods that are for sale on the Dark and Social Web. These can be traced back to the source, resulting in legal action.

External threat management

In today’s heavily IT dependant society, the need to identify potential threats, be it physical or cyber, remains as critical as ever.

Use our solutions to monitor domain names and IP address ranges. If your data is posted on the Dark Web, BreachAlert will instantly alert and review the level of risk towards your company.

Reviewing mentions of company’s data will highlight any potential threats and once a threat has been identified, additional security can be introduced to mitigate any future risk.

Reputation management

Any references to a company online can cause instant reputation damage due to the ability for it to be shared.

Monitor a wide range of data sources using our solutions for any mentions of a company’s data and get an understanding of how the company is being perceived.

Manage your brand proactively by monitoring real-time posts on social media. Analyse, filter and target people of the greatest influence.

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