Protecting your data with BreachMarker™

BreachMarker allows you to extend your threat detection surface so you can quickly identify a breach even if the data hasn’t been posted anywhere on the Dark Web (or other sites).

  • Detect breaches from third party or partner systems and identify where they took place
  • Prevent data breaches from becoming full-scale cyber attacks reducing risk and cost
  • Exclude trusted use to make breach detection far more efficient


Create automated email listeners
Automatically create synthetic identities to place in your datasets, using email domains linked to email listeners so you don’t have to create these manually.
Reduce noise intelligently
BreachMarker eliminates false positives, as the contact doesn’t exist anywhere else. Add an exclude list of keywords to your BreachMarker to only receive alerts when emails come from third parties.
Get notified when a BreachMarker is triggered
Be notified by email or SMS when a BreachMarker is triggered then jump into BreachAlert to quickly identify the source and reason for contact.

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