CFC Underwriting cyber policyholders set to benefit from free dark web monitoring, in industry first

By 11th September 2017News

RepKnight and CFC Underwriting today launch CFC BreachAlert, a free dark web monitoring tool for CFC’s cyber insurance policyholders. CFC BreachAlert notifies policyholders in real-time if any of their data is posted on the dark web or hundreds of other data breach, leak and dump sites typically used by cybercriminals.

Policyholders can configure CFC BreachAlert to monitor the dark web for their corporate email domains, employee login credentials, server IP addresses, and lists of clients or employees. In addition, policyholders can use keyword expressions to search for mentions of their company or product names on the dark web, as well as “watermarks” or “fingerprints” added into their in-house data. Alerts can be set up by policyholders within minutes from a web browser, with no software to install.

Providing 24×7 monitoring and instant notifications via email, Slack or HipChat, CFC BreachAlert ensures that CFC policyholders will be the first to know if their information has been leaked, providing valuable time to mitigate the breach and helping to reduce reputational damage and financial loss.

Anthony Hess, head of incident response at CFC Underwriting said: “Data breaches are unfortunately a fact of life for many companies, no matter their size or the security of their networks.  CFC BreachAlert is a great addition to our cyber risk management offering, giving policyholders an additional tool to help them minimise the impact of a data breach.”

CFC BreachAlert was developed for CFC Underwriting by UK-based RepKnight, a leading provider of web applications for cyber threat intelligence and data breach detection. RepKnight also offer a premium version of BreachAlert ¬— a fully cloud-hosted SaaS solution that monitors millions of dark web and text dump sites like Pastebin for any user-specified information appearing outside of the company’s firewall.

Tim Haynes, CEO at RepKnight said “CFC shares RepKnight’s vision that you should be protecting your data — not just your network — particularly in today’s cloud-based environments. BreachAlert is an innovative solution to mitigate against data being hacked, leaked, or sold online, constantly keeping watch for your data outside the firewall. And with fines set to skyrocket next year under European GDPR legislation, there’s never been a better time to get protected.”

CFC policyholders can request their free CFC BreachAlert account online via the CFC Cyber Risk Management Portal, or by contacting their CFC representative.