Cyber Security Awareness Month: Get prepared for future data breaches

By 16th October 2017News

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we’re asking businesses to get prepared for future data breaches by taking five simple steps:

  1. Benchmark

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is nearly upon us. As well as improving your network security, you also need to find out how much of your data is already outside the firewall – and maybe even for sale on the Dark Web.  Run a Dark Web scan for your corporate, employee, and client data, and establish a reference point for when GDPR comes into force.

  1. Fingerprint

We all hold a lot of data, whether it is about customers, employees or shareholders – much of which look very similar to other companies.  Analyse your data to extract unique ‘fingerprints’, which can be used to identify your data post-breach – or prove that it didn’t come from you.

  1. Watermark

Whether it’s your HR system, payroll, or a CRM, much of our personal and confidential data is stored outside the firewall – often on externally hosted systems over which you have very little control.  In-house data – like spreadsheets of prospects, clients, employees or candidates – all too often walks out of the door on a USB stick.  By adding fake, but plausible, “watermark” entries into your data sets and repositories, you can quickly detect breaches or misuse of your data, and even establish who leaked it.

  1. Monitor

Don’t be the last to find out when you’ve had a data breach – be proactive and continuously monitor for your data appearing outside the firewall.  Most breaches go unnoticed for several months before they are discovered – this isn’t good enough.   Set up an automated tool to monitor the Dark Web 24/7 – and get an instant alert when your data is breached, leaked, marketed or sold online.

  1. Prepare

Don’t be reactive. Plan for a breach to happen. Create and rehearse your data breach response plan; ensuring everyone involved knows their roles and responsibilities. Having an effective data breach response plan in place could make a substantial difference if the regulator decides to fine you!

RepKnight’s BreachAlert offers a real-time Dark Web monitoring platform which will alert you instantly when your data is found. Contact us today for a free Dark Web footprint report, and to discuss how BreachAlert can be an integral part of your data breach response plan.