RepKnight launches BreachAlert™ for ServiceNow™

By 4th June 2019News

RepKnight announces the launch of BreachAlert for ServiceNow, an integrated data breach detection and mitigation app for the world’s leading IT Service Management platform. BreachAlert for ServiceNow uses BreachAlert’s powerful BreachResponse APIs to trigger automated security orchestration workflows in ServiceNow, providing zero-touch protection against breaches of employee or customer data.

Large scale data breaches are now a daily occurrence, and compromised employee credentials are increasingly being used by cybercriminals to gain access to corporate networks.  Leaked usernames and passwords are frequently used to target staff with spearphishing, sexploitation, and Business Email Compromise attacks.

By detecting and responding to breached data in real time, exposure and loss can be minimised, and the risk can be quickly mitigated.  BreachAlert for ServiceNow minimises the burden on IT helpdesk and Security Operations staff by automating this process.

Real-time alerts created from 24/7 surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring in BreachAlert are combined with ServiceNow data to automatically eliminate false positives. Configurable ServiceNow Flows adaptively respond to breaches based on their risk level, and the role or department of the affected user. Breaches of privileged user accounts or VIP credentials can immediately trigger an appropriate, automated response within minutes of the data being posted on the Dark Web – such as an automated password reset, security incident creation, or personalised notification to each affected end-user.

BreachAlert for ServiceNow also provides the key to understanding the human factors so critical to cybersecurity.  Built-in footprint reports for each employee can identify staff who are at high risk of account compromise attacks, allowing deployment of security initiatives such as 2FA to be prioritized at a per-user level.  Reports also help security staff understand the risk individuals create through their cyber behaviour and create Flows which automatically educate and inform employees based on their exposure.  For example, employees can be sent an automated reminder on phishing awareness if their credentials have been exposed on a Dark Web or Dump site.

“We’ve always been passionate about reducing risk for our customers with innovative, automated and intuitive solutions,” commented Jeremy Hendy – RepKnight CEO, “Bringing this approach to breach response and mitigation is both exciting and something our customers have been looking forward to”.

Other aspects of digital risk protection also benefit from the new ServiceNow integration. Surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring in BreachAlert can be configured to scan for customer details, IP addresses and other company devices. Since workflows and reports can be completely customised, the potential for improving security efficiency is significant.

BreachAlert for ServiceNow is available to licensed customers of BreachAlert Enterprise and ServiceNow ITSM, and will be released to the ServiceNow Appstore in June 2019.