BreachAlert will instantly alert you if your confidential data is leaked, marketed or sold on the Dark Web, Internet Relay Chat and bin sites — giving you valuable time to respond and react.

Watch a 60 second video

Search our historical database

Not all breaches surface immediately. Some lay dormant for years before being discovered.Our database gives you tens of millions of posts we've harvested from the Dark Web and other channels.


Analyse and

Understanding a breach and what
to do next is often difficult. BreachAlert
analyses the threat and helps you
understand what the breach means
to you and your organisation.


Create automated

Because you can't always be watching
your data for breaches our application
does it for you. Quickly create
alerts that when triggered, notifies
you immediately by email or SMS.


How it works

Our application continuously monitors the channels most commonly used by cyber criminals looking for stolen data belonging to you. Once found, we quickly notify you.

Search for data breaches

Know what’s already out there. Search our historic database for your sensitive data.

Create alerts

Create alerts to search for your company credentials, watermarks or fingerprints.

Get notified of breaches

Be notified by SMS or email within minutes of your data appearing on the Dark Web.

Deploying BreachAlert is a proactive mitigating step towards GDPR monitoring and compliance.

Use BreachAlert to search for your confidential information.


Email addresses

Financial information


IP addresses

Personal information

Detect a data breach for:

  • GDPR compliance
    Embed BreachAlert into your data breach response plan and be the first to know if your data appears where it shouldn’t — potentially reducing any fines.
  • Risk management
    Can you be sure that your third-party providers are keeping your data secure? Use BreachAlert to monitor company databases to ensure your data is kept safe.
  • Customer confidence
    Manage data leaks proactively. Be alerted as soon as information appears on the Dark Web — and before the media — keeping the impact to a minimum.
  • Brand management
    Don’t let your data go unnoticed for years — causing major damage to your brand. Use BreachAlert to find out if your data is already on the Dark Web.


“BreachAlertTM was immediately supported by Breast Cancer Now, and is fundamental to our GDPR strategy. Rather than being in the dark ourselves about breaches, we are confident that if any of our data is leaked onto the Dark Web, BreachAlert will alert us.

“We have found BreachAlertTMto be powerful yet very quick to set up and intuitive to use. Thanks to the huge historical database, we were able to search for potential risks before the system went live — allowing us to take a much more proactive approach to our data protection strategy. It gives us great peace of mind.”

— Brigid Macdonald, IT manager, Breast Cancer Now

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