We understand that not everyone has the resources or the skills to conduct in-depth and sophisticated open-source intelligence and threat analysis. But do understand how vital timely and objective intelligence can be to any organisation.

Our highly trained team of cyber security analysts, with experience in both government and commercial arenas, can provide you with the additional support you require — without having to expand your workforce.

Whether it’s for a specific project or on an ongoing basis, our analysts can provide threat intelligence, risk management, security intelligence, insider threat, horizon scanning and reputation management solutions.

Systematic exploitation

Our analysts are trained in all-source intelligence methods, with many having multiple specialisms and will work closely with your organisation to understand your requirement.

Objective analysis

Our analysts harvest information not only from the RepKnight platforms, which cover a wide array of data sources, but they can delve deeper into the Dark Web accessing the areas that are harder to access such as password-protected and capture sites.

Timely dissemination

Intelligence is of little or no value if it is not disseminated within a timely manner. Our team of analysts can tailor dissemination methods and timings to align with the organisational needs allowing actionable intelligence.

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